is she Alison Humprhey (susan Misner), Dan´s mother???

  1. crookdhalo answered: That’s mid-90’s pop star Lisa Loeb
  2. hadea answered: I think so… either that or Rufus’ new girlfriend
  3. lalalovelylady answered: lisa loeb!
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  5. tequiladreams answered: lisa loeb
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  7. lightsupp answered: i dont think so
  8. a-special-hug said: But rufus ended up with Lily, right?
  9. hiveofhoneybees answered: That’s Lisa Loeb, a singer.
  10. patsta answered: it’s Lisa Loeb, a music artist, who also cameo’d in episode 17 of season 1 with Rufus
  11. other-url-were-taken answered: I was wondering the same thing, but I thing she might be Dan’s mother, it makes more sense.
  12. chaneltalulah answered: exactly what I said when I saw her
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