introductions: tips to get people to like you immediately

  • people love to talk about themselves. ask them questions and let them talk! avoid cutting in to share your own stories, they probably don’t care (even if you don’t care about their life, just pretend)
  • make jokes about yourself. it’s a…


Earlier I had this on the same post as Scorpios and Anxiety, but I want to give it it’s own post. (Mostly because it’s so long)
If you yourself are struggling with anxiety, particularly social anxiety, I’ve got a few tips.

  • Anxiety is a shadow. It looks larger than life, intimidating, vague,…
things to do when you feel anxious


earlier today i looked up some awesome websites that are really relaxing while also distracting to help calm you down if you’re feeling overly anxious or upset. uvu so i’m sharing the list again.

90 second relaxation exercise
calm sound
create your own nebula
music catch
relaxing snow
seed plant breeder
the quiet place

everything’s gonna be ok. ♥


Just some tips that have helped me work through my anxiety:

  • You wouldn’t believe the wonders that a good breathing exercise can do. Cup your hands and cover your mouth and nose with them. Breathe. You should notice your heart rate slowing within a few breaths. Alternatively, look up some…

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